About Us

Trane Comfort SpecialistSince our company began in 2001, our management and staff have continually sought to become experts in all aspects of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industry. All HVAC dealers are not created equal, which is why you must be thorough when selecting one. But here's something that will make your search a little easier. Just look for the Trane Comfort Specialist™ badge. It indicates a Trane dealer of the highest standing – a dealer that is committed to excellence in every aspect of business, from installation and service, to customer care and employee training.

The Trane Comfort Specialist designation is not easy to come by. Shatto Heating & Air qualifies for this honor on a yearly basis by meeting Trane's stringent standards for professionalism and technological expertise. When you contact Shatto Heating & Air to purchase a heating and air conditioning system, you can rest assured that you're putting your comfort in the hands of an expert.

About Our Owners

About Our Owners

Tim and Kim Shatto started Shatto Heating & Air, Inc. in January 2001 as a husband and wife venture. We have not yet decided what determines whether or not a husband and wife team can successfully work together in a business. The majority of the time we do so with excitement and encouragement. So many of our friends tell us that they couldn't work together, but we could not imagine not working with each other every day.

Since we own this HVAC Company, there is no turning back. We do have disagreements - we argue over money, how to make it, how to spend it (or the lack of it!). We argue over what's the right thing to do for our company, our employees, and our customers. There are also discussions about hours, responsibilities, and whether we should talk about work at home. We are both okay with all of that. This is our life now… we are Shatto Heating & Air. Our Company has taken care of our family for many years now and we feel blessed to be able to work here every day.

If you were to ask us how we balance home versus work, we would probably say that we don't. We work when we have to, and stick a little "life" in the gaps. When we disagree, we know that's work, and we remind each other that we love each other. Most of the time though, we fight side by side to keep our company honest and profitable. We love God and our Children and that's what matters most!