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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size air conditioning and heating system do I need for my home?

    There are many factors that determine the size or capacity of the system your home requires. These include square footage, climate, humidity, number of windows, insulation factors, which direction your home faces, heat producing appliances, and even the number of people living there. Shatto Heating & Air does an energy analysis on your home to determine what your exact needs are for your lifestyle.

  • Why do I need regular maintenance on my cooling and heating system?

    Regular maintenance by a dependable contractor like Shatto Heating & Air is a key factor in preparing your system to perform at its best during North Central Florida’s changing weather conditions. Annual service is vital if you want to avoid unnecessary equipment failure and repair costs. It’s a good idea to have a Shatto technician check and service yours every spring and fall.

  • How often should I change my air conditioning filter?

    For North Central Florida’s climate, we recommend changing your disposable filter on a monthly basis during the hot weather months. You can drop back to every other month during the winter. If you have washable filters, you should clean them once a month. A filter that’s become clogged with dust, pet dander, mold, pollen, or any number of pollutants and particles puts a strain on your cooling system and degrades the air your family breathes.

  • How can I tell when it’s time to replace my air conditioning system?

    If your air conditioning system is getting noisy or needs more frequent repair service, it could be time to consider a replacement. Any system over 10 years old is in the late stages of its lifecycle. Factors that affect life expectancy include the type of system, climate and the regularity of routine maintenance. When the day to purchase a new unit comes, you will experience notable gains in operating efficiency and energy savings. Ask a Shatto Heating & Air professional for input on equipment that would work best for you.

  • My heat pump sometimes makes a loud noise when the weather gets colder. Is that a sign of trouble?

    No – that’s actually normal. When the weather gets below 45 degrees or so, a heat pump running in HEAT mode may develop ice or frost on the coils. This can even sometimes happen with temperatures in the 50s. When the heat pump is in the defrost mode, it will blow cool air into your home. Typically, the auxiliary heat will come on and the outside condenser can blow out a steam or fog while making a loud noise.  During this time the fan may not appear to be working. This is what your system is designed to do. A defrost cycle can last anywhere from less than a minute to ten minutes or more depending on several factors including outdoor temperature or how much ice/frost has built up on the outdoor coils.

  • How do I find an air conditioning company I can trust to provide reliable work and customer service?

    The same rules apply here as for any contractor. Ask people you know who have had an air conditioning system installed if they would recommend the company that performed the work. Have the company come out to give you an estimate and see how they treat their customers. Ask for references… and check them.

In selecting a heating and air conditioning contractor, it pays to ask the following questions:

  • How long have they been in business?
    Shatto Heating & Air has been in business since 2001. Since then, we have become one of the most trusted heating and air conditioning contractors in North Central Florida.
  • Do they employ certified factory-trained technicians?
    Shatto Heating & Air technicians are not only factory-trained, they also receive ongoing training and certifications.
  • Are they a full-service contractor?
    Shatto Heating & Air is a full-service contractor with complete service and installation departments.
  • Are they fully licensed to perform all the work themselves?
    Shatto Heating & Air is fully licensed to do complete service and installation throughout the state of Florida.
  • Are they competitively priced and provide written estimates up front?
    Shatto Heating & Air offers competitive pricing and written estimates to ensure there are no surprises when installing or servicing our customers’ equipment. We also provide access to financing plans.
  • Do they offer emergency service?
    Shatto Heating & Air’s phones are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
  • Do they have service agreements?
    Our mission is to design, install and service heating and cooling systems in a way that provides homeowners with worry-free comfort. We offer several excellent service agreements. Any of our programs are certain to meet your needs and provide you with necessary convenience and peace of mind.